Banggood 70/100/110/150/250/400W Electronic Ballast Gas Air Ballast for NG High-pressure Sodium Lamp

Caractéristiques:Tension : 220 VFréquence : 50 HzMatériel: AcierLa couleur noireType:70W/100W/110W/150W/250W/400WFonctionnalité:1. This product is used for NG series high-pressure sodium lamps, and plays a role in stabilizing the working current of the bulb in the lighting circuit.2. Small size, higher temperature resistance of enameled wire, lower temperature rise, good temperature resistance.3. The built-in thermal protector can effectively prevent damage to the electrical components of the light source caused by overheating.4. Simple installation and easy to use.Emballage inclus:1 x Electronic ballast(Optional)Plus de détails:

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